• Do we actually need such a lot Fruit And Vegetable Packaging?

    Can you remember the times when apples, oranges and potatoes were sold loose at the supermarket? maybe even with a touch of soil still clinging to them – proof that they were once grown within the ground.

    You could take some time choosing the simplest looking bananas that might be perfectly ripe during a few days.

    The level of packaging on fruit and vegetables within the supermarkets lately seems insane. may be a bag around a bunch of bananas really […]

  • New packaging increases time period of Persimmons

    ROP, in cooperation with the Laboratory for Storage of Fruit and More – Sharon Fruit, has developed a versatile Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) which allows longer storage of persimmons that’s required to make a more year-round marketplace for the fruit and also facilitate longer shipping distances.

    To do this, after browsing the de-astringency process to form them more pleasant for consumption, the persimmons are treated during a MA environment with a […]