New packaging increases time period of Persimmons

ROP, in cooperation with the Laboratory for Storage of Fruit and More – Sharon Fruit, has developed a versatile Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) which allows longer storage of persimmons that’s required to make a more year-round marketplace for the fruit and also facilitate longer shipping distances.

To do this, after browsing the de-astringency process to form them more pleasant for consumption, the persimmons are treated during a MA environment with a coffee oxygen, high CO2 , concentration for storage of up to 3-4 months. When it’s time to sell, the fruit is moved from the bins and placed in their new packaging which was designed to increase the consequences of the MA environment.

The new packaging and treatment also ensure a more firm fruit while staving off Persimmon plant disease Disease, a fungal disease which affects up to 50% of the yields of persimmons. it’s usually developed during refrigeration for long periods of your time . With the new extended storage period the fruit are often stored for up to 5 months with little wastage.

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