We're a family of farmers


My name Gamil Mahram. I grew up in a small village in central Yemen. It was there that  we learned our family’s ancient heritage and practices in growing fruits and vegetables and fruits, especially coffee. After both of us moving to the U.S, we established CaliFresh Produce and Growers Produce. With a customer base of hundreds of the San Francisco Bay Area’s best stores, restaurants, and retailers, CaliFresh and Growers specialised in procuring the best quality, peak-of-the-season produce from local, national and international sources and distributing these across the state and the country. This is where years of import, export and comprehensive logistics experience will be brought to the produce packing industry through Valley Packing. We strongly believe the characteristics of quality, consistency and customer care are the ingredients that will position Valley Packing Inc to help improve the produce industry.

Understanding the sometimes harmful methods of modern agriculture, they realized that there was a niche for quality organic produce grown the way that nature intended for it to be-organically.

The farm is a USDA certified organic grower by Washington State Department of Agriculture and by Oregon Tilth. We have a total of 150 certified organic acres in vegetable production and 3 acres of certified organic strawberries.

Meet The Farmers


Today, we continue to grow our family on the farm, encouraging strong roots for a better food and agriculture system for all.