Do we actually need such a lot Fruit And Vegetable Packaging?

Can you remember the times when apples, oranges and potatoes were sold loose at the supermarket? maybe even with a touch of soil still clinging to them – proof that they were once grown within the ground.

You could take some time choosing the simplest looking bananas that might be perfectly ripe during a few days.

The level of packaging on fruit and vegetables within the supermarkets lately seems insane. may be a bag around a bunch of bananas really necessary, or clingfilm around a cucumber?

When did such a lot fruit and vegetable packaging become the norm for supermarkets, and who’s bright idea was it?

While it’s still possible to pick some fresh produce yourself, this is often not true of all fruit and veg varieties.

It’s more likely that you’ll see multiple sorts of tomatoes packaged up in trays with plastic coverings instead of having the ability to smell and choose your own.

Let’s take a glance at why this is often so, and the way we will create change


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