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Your West Coast Tree Fruit Connection

Valley Packing Inc. simplifies your tree fruit sourcing with our extensive selection and one-stop shop convenience.

 We offer a diverse range of stone fruits, pears, and apples, sourced from the finest West Coast growing regions. From juicy peaches and nectarines to refreshing pears and crisp apples, we provide year-round access to the freshest, most flavorful tree fruits available. This eliminates the need to manage multiple suppliers, saving you valuable time and resources. Our commitment to quality extends beyond variety, as we meticulously select each fruit for optimal ripeness and visual appeal. Partner with Valley Packing Inc. and elevate your retail displays with the best tree fruits the West Coast has to offer.

<a href="">Tree Fruit</a> supplier in california united states
<a href="">Tree Fruit</a> supply in california united states

Packaging Options to Meet Your Needs

2-Layer Tray Pack

Peaches and Nectarines:
25lbVolume Fill

28lb Volume Fill
Tree Fruit:
Carton Volume Fill or Wrap

10/2lb Bags

12/2lb Bags

15/2lb Bags

3lb Clamshells

Discover Peak Season tree fruit

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Let us be your trusted source for all your produce needs.

Become a partner with Valley Packing Inc. and experience the fresh produce difference.

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